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TCP port check Windows | Feb-15-2022 PortCheck, Download bei heise

PortCheck 2.1 for Windows 10

PortCheck is a tiny, portable command line tool for administrators, network and firewall admins. You can check if a remote device answers on a certain TCP port. Short overview:

  • Displays permanently whether devices answer on a particular TCP port
  • Showing response time in milli seconds with colored output (red/green)
  • Checks multiple devices simultaneously on multiple ports
  • Complete portscans possible - on predefined or self defined ports
  • Acoustical signal (beep) for reachable or unreachable ports
  • Permanent logging with date and time possible
  • Returns ERRORLEVEL for use in own batch files
  • Runs on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 and Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019
  • No installation required - portable .exe file
  • Free of cost - also for professional use

System requirements

PortCheck runs on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 (32 or 64 bit). It requires .NET Framework 3.5

Return value

PortCheck returns ERRORLEVEL 0 or 1 in dependence of the result. ERRORLEVEL is 1 if the port answers, and 0 if there is no response. You can use this value in your own batch files.


How much does PortCheck cost?

PortCheck is free - also for professional use. Please read the licensing information.

What's new in version

  • Interactive mode with -i: You can create a shortcut on the desktop that asks for host and port when double-clicked. Very practical for ad hoc checks.

  • Individual text: Texts can be completely customized. An interesting feature. For example, in the event of an error, instead of the "networker language" this text could appear: "No answer from Production-Machine1. Please call 5678". Furthermore, the output can be adapted to any language.

  • Alerting in case of error: PortCheck can now execute batch files in case of closed ports and in the "repaired case". Also only after several failures - completely configurable.

  • Bugfix: PortCheck 2.0 sometimes showed a wrong result when own Windows firewall was blocking an outgoing port.


You can download PortCheck here as a zip file. It contains 4 files.

Product Version Language License key Action
PortCheck english not necessary Download

Digital signature

PortCheck.exe is shipped with a digital signature of Lugrain Software GmbH. Only with this signature you get the original PortCheck tool.


...or download PortCheck from SOFTPEDIA:



PortCheck is a portable tool, no installation is required.

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Copy the files into a folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\PortCheck
  3. Open a command line window, navigate to the PortCheck folder and type PortCheck -i


PortCheck on two different ports
PortCheck on known ports


PortCheck is free for private and professional use. You can use PortCheck without any restrictions, in unlimited number and with unlimited duration for free. You are not allowed to distribute PortCheck alone or as part of your software. This requires a written permission from Lugrain Software GmbH.


PortCheck by Lugrain Software 11/2020
Checks if a remote TCP port is opened or not.

Easy syntax:

PortCheck [-t] [-i] <hostname(s)> <port(s)>


PortCheck -i               # interactive (ask for input)
PortCheck MyServer 80      # single check
PortCheck -t MyServer 443  # continuous

More complex syntax:

PortCheck [-t] [-i] [-w:<pause in s>] [-st] [-nc] [-oo] [-nl] [-tc]
          [-rcf:<batch file when closed>] [-rcc:<closed count>] [-rco] [-rch]
          [-rof:<batch file when open>] [-roc:<open count>] [-roo] [-roh]
          [-replaceopentext:<text when open>] [-replaceclosedtext:<text when closed>]
          <hostname(s)> <port(s)> [<timeout in ms>] [<filename of logfile>] [<description>]

hostname(s)    One or more hostnames, separated by comma (no blanks)
port(s)        One or more TCP port numbers (separated by comma), a port
range          <startport>-<endport> or all wellknown ports 'knownports' or 'kp'
timeout        Can be 100-1000 (default: 1000ms)
filename       Logs everything to a specified file, including date and time
description    Your own description for the specified port

-t    Check the specified ports continuous
-w    Wait some time between checks (this is not the timeout)
-st   Show date and time in every line
-nc   No color: use default color instead of green and red
-oo   Only open: show only open ports
-nl   No lines: don't add separators
-tc   Toggle colors: swap green and red (port opened = alarm)
-bp   Beep: send acoustical signal in case of alarm (only with -t)


PortCheck www.bing.com 80
PortCheck -t www.bing.com 80
PortCheck oracle-server1 1521 500 c:\temp\logfile.txt oracle
PortCheck -t -bp MyFileserver 139
PortCheck -t -w:10 MyFileserver 139,445
PortCheck -t -tc -bp sql-server1,sql-server2 1433 300
PortCheck -oo MyServer 1-1024
PortCheck MyServer knownports
PortCheck -t -rcf:"c:\data\closed.cmd" -rcc:3 -rco Citrix-Server 1494
PortCheck -t -replaceclosedtext:"Machine isn't working properly. Please call 1234!" Citrix-Server 1494

Returns ERRORLEVEL=0 when port is closed, ERRORLEVEL=1 when port is opened.

Important TCP ports

Here's a list of often used TCP ports:

21 - FTP
22 - SSH
23 - Telnet
25 - SMTP
80 - HTTP
110 - POP3
135 - DCE / WMI
139 - NetBIOS
143 - IMAP4
443 - HTTPS
445 - SMB
1433 - MS SQL
1494 - ICA (Citrix)
1521 - Oracle
3389 - RDP
5060 - SIP
8080 - HTTP alternative
8443 - HTTPS alternative

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